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"Non Nobis Solo"
(Not by ourselves alone)

We share a vision intended to globally accelerate the growth of the next generation internet.
  • Enables and stimulates the rapid expansion of educational collaboration in many forms between and among teaching and learning institutions across the world;
  • Cultivates and promotes practical solutions to delivering scalable, universally available and equitable means of access to suitable bandwidth and the necessary network resources in support of these collaborations.
To achieve this vision we intend to create frameworks, partnerships, and alliances between University and other educational leadership groups and key Corporate partners such that:
  • Prudent strategies are advanced to secure and leverage network-related assets, and to capitalize on events associated with the build-out of the global submarine and terrestrial fiber optic networks;
  • A spirit of wise and honest stewardship is created to secure, leverage and deploy both the assets themselves and the equal and fair use of the bandwidth available from these assets for a broad range of educational purposes;
  • Creative flexible as fair governance structures and processes are devised to ensure the most responsible results are achieved in the use of these assets;
  • These structures and processes are capable of continuously managing these assets to serve the broadest of global, national, and institutional priorities for educational access; be they at the University, secondary, or elementary levels.
Further, we believe that as our efforts evolve and achieve success we can create both the infrastructure and incentives to encourage the expansion of innovation and the means to promote stronger ties between educational institutions, corporate and national leaders by stimulating the development of programs and activities that:
  • Mentor and develop the human potential of our students;
  • Expand the skill development and employability of our students;
  • Broaden the means for faculty to conduct bandwidth-intensive research and instruction;
  • Reduce the potential that "less than universal access" to important educational resources remains a barrier for some; and
  • Nurture new opportunities for job creation and productivity growth.

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