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Abilene Abilene is an advanced backbone network that supports the development and deployment of the new applications being developed within the Internet2 community.
ATIP The Asian Technology Information Program is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing objective and high-quality information about technology developments in Asia.
Benton Foundation The Benton Foundation seeks to articulate a public interest vision for the digital age and to demonstrate the value of communications for solving social problems.
BISNIS U.S. Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration: Country Reports (Uzbekistan)
CANARIE/CAnet3 Canada's advanced Internet development organization - is a not-for-profit corporation supported by its members, project partners and the Federal Government.
CENIC The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California represents the common interests of California's higher education academic and research communities.
DANTE/GEANT Connecting European Research.
GEO Netherlands The University of Groningen, Zernike Science Park Technology Park, serves as the home of the recently announced “Groningen Internet Exchange”.
GEO Singapore Singapore is developing as a knowledge economy, powered by ideas and innovation and fueled by a spirit to succeed.
Global NOC The Global Research Network Operations Center manages the international network connections from advanced research and education networks.
Global Sullivan Principles Develop and implement company policies, procedures, training and internal reporting structures to ensure commitment throughout.
GTRN The Global Terabit Research Network (GTRN) is an international partnership to establish a true world-wide next generation Internet to interconnect national and multinational high speed research and education networks.
Internet2 Internet2 is a consortium being led by over 207 universities working in partnership with industry and government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies.
Internet2 ARENA project The Advanced Research and Education Network Atlas (ARENA) project is a compendium of information about advanced research and education (R&E) networks around the world.
Internet2 GigaPoP Map (PDF) The Internet2 GigaPoP's Map indicates the location of Internet2 GigaPoP's being formed by Internet2 member universities in collaboration with Internet2 affiliate members and other regional organizations.
Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) The Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) is a multi-state metaPoP consortium founded by Georgetown University, George Washington University, the University of Maryland, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
Net@EDU Net@EDU was created in July 1998 with the merger of the Networking and Telecommunications Task Force (NTTF) and the Federation of American Research Networks (FARNET).
(NGI) Federal investment into R&D and research networks to develop the Next Generation Internet Initiative.
NLM The National Library of Medicine seeks to demonstrate the application of scalable, network aware, wireless, GIS and identification technologies to a networked health related environment.
NSF The National Science Foundation is an independent agency of the U.S. Government, established by the National Science Foundation Act of 1950.
Pacific Wave The Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP) serves leading-edge organizations throughout the region by providing robust, highest-speed access to current state-of-the-art Internet; Next Generation Internet services and technology; and the exclusive R&D testbeds where tomorrow's Internet technologies are being developed. The mission of the States Inventory Project is to foster the development of the National Information Infrastructure by providing a single clearinghouse for tracking state information infrastructure strategies and activities.
STAR TAP The Science, Technology, And Research Transit Access Point, is a persistent infrastructure funded by the National Science Foundation to facilitate the long-term interconnection and interoperability of advanced international networking.
SURFnet High-quality internet for higher education and research.
TeleGeography, Inc. The Authoritative Source for International Telecom Statistics and Analysis.
TransPAC TransPAC provides high performance international Internet service connecting the Asia Pacific Advanced Network to the vBNS and other global networks.

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