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To achieve the vision of IEEAF, we are creating frameworks, partnerships and alliances between key corporate partners and University and other educational leadership groups that take advantage of donated and underutilized telecommunication assets for educational purposes.

Methods of helping IEEAF include making contributions of space, licenses to "rights of way", and facilities; e.g. "dark fiber" at selected points of build-out of the US and global fiber-optic network. You can also act as a steward of donated assets and as an affiliated member. Such donations can be a principal means of connectivity and linkage for educational institutions to conduct teaching and learning and to promote equal access to internet-based technologies and information.

Please read further to understand the reasons and benefits to corporate partners who made donations to the IEEAF for the promotion of educational opportunities worldwide.

IEEAF seeks to perform several key functions to stimulate real benefits for educational institutions and their communities of higher learning. IEEAF seeks to:
  • Act to ensure enhanced educational access to bandwidth for educational institutions and their academic, research and services uses by provisioning connectivity of network assets, facilities, space and resources.

  • Promote partnerships with government / private entities and educational institutions to facilitate education in communities, and across states, governments and like-minded educational and political institutions.

  • Provide and/or operate a low cost, efficient and reliable set of access, network resources, information and/or productivity tools to achieve these capabilities for educational purpose.

  • Develop an efficient framework, principles and operational procedures to perform asset management for the Foundation, its members and associates on a global basis to encourage large-scale donations and utilization of useful access and network resources for educational purposes.

  • Design and operate key aspects of network utilization including inventory and tracking of locations, access and best uses of donated facilities in offering equal access and connectivity for education.

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